Arts Pathways

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Having an outlet for personal creative expression is part of the PolyARTS experience. Every student has access to inspiring opportunities across performing and visual arts. From Lower School through Middle School, they develop their skills, gain knowledge, and discover interests. In Upper School, they expand their creative prowess by choosing an Arts Pathway. In Grades 11 and 12, students may also apply to Poly’s Excellence in the Arts Certificate program.

Picking an artistic pathway that is suited to the individual student creates a custom arts experience, which enhances one’s passions and expands one’s perspectives. 

Grade 9 students select one of three arts pathways and take courses geared toward their curricular choice. Students entering Grade 10 choose classes in continuation of their pathway. They are able to add electives beyond their focus as they work toward the completion of the arts graduation requirements


Students enroll in one-semester courses in Visual Arts, Music (or yearlong music ensemble), and Speech/Acting/Debate combined with one year of additional electives in any artistic disciplines.


Students enroll in two years of courses in a Performing Arts emphasis area (Dance, Drama, Music) and one semester of Visual Arts.


Students enroll in two years of courses in a Visual Arts emphasis area and one semester of either Music or Speech/Acting.

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Students entering Grades 11 and 12 may apply for Poly’s Excellence in the Arts Certificate program.

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Upon acceptance, they dive further into arts coursework and engage in related leadership or service opportunities. This unique and specialized experience allows students to deepen their love of – and mastery in – their artistic disciplines. The program also provides assistance in developing a portfolio for the college application process. Students enjoy mentorship (including support for artistic Senior Capstone projects) and receive support in showcasing and promoting their creative achievements.

Participation in the Excellence in the Arts Certificate Program is noted on student transcripts and also in the Commencement program.

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